Top 5 Things We'll be spending our Money on during Memorial Day Weekend

According to a new survey based on data from Bank of America, here are five things we'll be spending money on this Memorial Day weekend . . .

1. Gas. Americans spent an average of $48 on gas during last year's Memorial Day weekend, which is an increase from $41 in 2017.

2. Hotels. We spent 37% more on hotels for Memorial Day last year than the average day in 2018.

3. Tourist attractions. We spent 101% more at amusement parks for Memorial Day weekend last year compared to the average day in 2018 . . . 169% more at aquariums . . . and 97% more at tourist attractions in general.

4. Grocery stores. We spent an average of $87 per person at grocery stores last Memorial Day weekend . . . and 21% more than an average Saturday.

5. Bars and nightclubs. On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend last year we spent 83% more on drinks at bars and clubs. 

(The Motley Fool/Digital Media Solutions)

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