Randoms-Top Argument at Home, Benefits to having a 6 Pack

Getting into heated arguments … over the heat. A new British study found that millions of couples get into arguments – about the temperature of their homes. The study found that 50 percent of couples have disagreements over the house being too hot or too cold. And these couples have about three arguments every week over the heating of the house in the colder months.

One in five couples surveyed said the the issue is so bad that they have even considered breaking up with their partner and finding someone who likes having the house at the same temperature they like. (SWNS

Holiday hangovers … The average American consumes double the amount of alcoholic drinks over the holidays than any other time of year, according to a new study. 69 percent of Americans say they are more likely to socialize over the holidays. This socializing results in three hungover mornings per week during the height of the holiday season and the average American calling in sick twice due to partying too hard the night before. 70 percent of those surveyed said hangovers make them less productive at work. And one-third said those rough mornings actually dampened their holiday spirit. (SWNS

Beat the middle seat blues .. with vodka. According to Smirnoff, "56 percent of Americans would rather get stuck in traffic or go on a blind date than sit in the middle seat" on a plane. That’s why the vodka company has announced they're giving away $50,000 this holiday season to upgrade the coach class seats of Smirnoff lovers.

If you are flying during the holidays and have a middle seat, here’s how you can change your travel fate. From now till December 14th go to SmirnoffSeltzerUpgrade.com and give them some info about your travel plans, which have to be between December 17th and January 31st. You have to be of legal drinking age … and also have to come up with a really good reason why you deserve an upgrade. Then you get to wait and see if you are one of the lucky upgrade winners. (Delish

Six-pack abs reduce stress … A new study has found that having a strong core can reduce stress. The science behind it has to do with certain brain neurons and their relationship to the axial muscle region (where your ab muscles are). Bottom line? Time to do some crunches. (The Ladders)

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