Randoms-Time on Toilet in Lifetime, What You Would Give Up to Not get Sick

Giving Tuesday: Yesterday was Cyber Monday, a day to buy. And today, November 27th, is a day to give. It’s Giving Tuesday – a day to celebrate generosity and give to others. 'Tis the season of giving ... so give of yourself this holiday season ... even if it’s just your time. Post your pics at #GivingTuesday. 


'Tis the season … for getting it on. A new survey found that 50 percent of Americans say they are friskier during the holidays. And 70 percent of respondents reveal they typically get busy on Christmas Day.

More results:

  • 47% say they’ve had sex in their old childhood bedroom while visiting their family over the holidays. 
  • 25% say that they’ve been walked in on by their parents or their partner’s parents while in the middle of some holiday cheer.

According to respondents, here are some of the creative places they’ve gotten it on while visiting family over the holidays:

  • Basketball court
  • The bathroom while everyone was outside
  • Behind the Christmas tree
  • In a neighbor’s backyard
  • Outdoor storage shed
  • On the roof
  • In a treehouse
  • In the car (NY Post

Potty talk … Ever wonder how much time you waste sitting on the toilet? A new British study has revealed that adults spend the equivalent of eight months of their life sitting on the toilet. The average person heads to the bathroom twice a day to go number two and six times to pee. That amounts to just over 15 minutes every day -- or almost two hours a week on the toilet. The study found that 33 percent of respondents said sitting on the toilet was one of the only times during the day when they get some time to themselves. The study also found that women are more likely to strike up a conversation in a public restroom with a stranger than men are. (SWNS

Cold and flu season is upon us … What would you give up in order to have perfect health? A new survey found that Americans would be willing to give up a lot if it meant they never had to suffer with a sick day. Here’s what people would give up for perfect health:

  • Social media -- 29%
  • Caffeine -- 29%
  • Sex – 21%
  • Watching TV shows/movies – 18%
  • Vacation time – 17% (SWNS

Phones over food … A new study from the University of Buffalo found that college students would rather go without food than without their phones. In the study, college students were deprived of food for three hours and their phones for two hours. They then could do computer tasks in order to “earn” use of their phone or a snack. They chose their phones. (MedicalXPress)

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