Randoms-Most Desired job in U.S., Dead Butt Syndrome, & More


As a whole, Americans spend $37 billion a year … just on pizza.

  • What food do you spend the most on? Is it because it’s your favorite food … or just the easiest food? 
  • What food or drink will you never scrimp on? 


We want to be our own boss … According to a SurveyMonkey poll, the most desired job in America is being a business owner. 

Speaking of work … According to a new study, it’s not easy being the only woman at a workplace. Researchers found that women who work in male-dominated industries need to prove themselves far more than others do -- and are twice as likely to report having experienced sexual harassment in their careers. These women are more likely to feel excluded, scrutinized and closely watched -- and far more likely to leave the company. (Boston Globe

Get paid to play with puppies … Talk about a dream job -- MUTTS Canine Cantina, a restaurant, bar and dog park in Dallas, Texas, is looking for a lucky individual to  be their "Puptern." It’s a paid fall internship with only one duty -- playing with puppies all day. Oh, and you’ll get 100 bucks an hour to do it. They are accepting applications from now until November 12th. Just post a photo or video on your Instagram account explaining why you are the perfect person for the job and tag @MUTTSCantina and use the hashtag #MUTTSpuptern in your caption. (Refinery 29

Do you have Dead Butt Syndrome? No joke. Dead Butt Syndrome – also known as gluteal amnesia – is a real condition caused by sitting for too long. Yep, Americans spend so much time sitting that their butts are falling asleep. “Sitting too long can restrict the blood flow, causing gluteal amnesia, which can lead to hip pain, lower backache and problems with your ankles. The glutes will fail to fire properly even when performing exercises targeting the glutes,” said author and trainer Donovan Green.

According to Kelly Starrett, a physical therapist and founder of Stand Up Kids, your glutes aren’t designed to bear weight for long periods of time. “If you imagine making a panini sandwich where you take high pressure and high temperature and make a grilled cheese, sitting on your glutes all day is a little like this,” Starrett said. Wonder how your boss will feel about you calling in sick with Dead Butt Syndrome? (Huffington Post

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