Randoms-People Who Read This Type of Book make Better Partners

How much time a day do you spend online? Does 11 hours sound like a stretch? It probably isn’t. According to a new study, adults in the U.S. now spend half their waking hours on their phones or tablets. Yep, newly released Nielsen data shows that Americans over the age of 18 spend an unbelievable 11 hours a day on their smartphones. (Daily Mail

Here’s a simple way to be happier and more successful … just get a pet. According to a new survey, pet owners made more money than non-pet-owners. They were also happier and did almost double the amount of exercise as people who didn’t have pets. Here are some more pet perks: Pet owners laughed more, were more relaxed, were less lonely and 31 percent of respondents said having a pet gives them a purpose in life. (SWNS Digital

Don’t schedule, be happy … According to a new study, you will be happier if you stop scheduling your free time. Researchers found that when a leisure activity is planned -- instead of being spontaneous -- we enjoy it less. It seems that brains perceive all scheduled activities sort of the same. If it’s on a to-do list, it’s a chore. That means a dentist appointment can end up being about as much fun as grabbing coffee with a friend. (NewsOK

Looking for love? You might want to start hanging out in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy section at your local bookstore. According to a new study out of the University of Oklahoma, men and women who like to read sci-fi and fantasy novels make better romantic partners. Apparently all those Harry Potter and Game of Thrones fans have more realistic expectations when it comes to relationships and are more open minded and easy to get along with. BUT ... it seems these Sci-Fi fans like things more 50 Shades of Grey between the sheets. Researchers found that while they are realistic in their relationships, they expect great things in the bedroom – like fireworks and perfection. (Daily Mail

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