Randoms-Amount of People We Trust, Women Today Speak Deeper

How many people do you trust? According to a new survey, the average person trusts just four people. The survey revealed that while 97 percent of people believe themselvesto be honest and trustworthy, when it comes to trusting others … they only have faith in a few people. Who is the person people trust the most? Sorry, dads, it may be Father's Day on Sunday, but people trust mom the most. 47 percent of respondents said they could confide in their mom without fear, but only 36 percent said the same about their dad. (SWNS Digital)


Rolling in the deep … Researchers have found that women today speak at a deeper pitch than their grandmothers -- or even their mothers. Scientists from Australia found that the "fundamental frequency" of the voices of women have dropped -- on average -- from an A-sharp to a G-sharp. That's a big change. The biggest reason for this change, according to the researchers, is the increase in the number of women in prominent roles in society and the workplace. They tend to speak in deeper tones to project authority. Because of this, other women have followed -- and subconsciously have altered their voices as well. (BBC)


Bonding over bingeing … People may prefer to binge watch with their pets ... but that doesn't mean binge watching with your partner isn't good for you. According to a new study, watching Netflix with your significant other is good for your relationship. The study found that couples who enjoy bingeing shows together have a better bond than couples who watch TV separately. They also spend more alone time together -- which given them more time to talk and connect. (Alloy)


Forget getting eight hours of sleep … Sleep researchers now say we need at least 8.5 hours of sleep! Why? Because we're stressed -- and because we are  bombarded with information all day … and sleep is when our brains actually process much of that information. According to the study author, Penn State professor and sleep expert Dr Daniel Gartenberg, "One of the main functions of sleep is to take all the information we get throughout the day and sort into what's relevant." The process is called synaptic homeostasis. "It's the idea that one of the main functions of sleep -- besides cell recovery -- is to process information," says Gartenberg. FYI: The average American gets about 7 hours of sleep a night. (Daily Mail)

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