The Randoms: Top Birthing Songs & Moms' Favorite Brands


Toblerone Tunnel … If you've ever had a Toblerone chocolate bar, you know they are separated into triangle-shaped pieces. Even if you haven't tasted one, you've likely seen the unique design. Sadly, social media has taken the simple joy of a candy bar and turned it into body shaming. The latest "thigh gap" craze is now #ToberoneTunnel, and women are taking photos of themselves in bikinis featuring a triangle gap in the upper thigh area when standing with legs together. Basically, it looks like you could fit a Toblerone triangle in the gap, and that is somehow a coveted body type. Who thinks of this stuff?! Thankfully, most women are pushing back and giving the trend a big thumbs down, like Twitter user @Tabathalouise, who wrote, "Yeah I’ve got a Toblerone tunnel … otherwise known as my throat."  (Women's Health)


How much do moms love Netflix? A whole lot, according to YouGov's annual list of the Top 10 brands -- with moms. Netflix grabbed the top spot with moms, followed by Band-Aid, the go-to for all those scrapped knees. Here are the Top 10 Brands Among Moms for 2018:

  1. Netflix
  2. Band-Aid
  4. Nike
  5. Dove (household/personal care)
  6. Dawn
  7. Hershey’s
  8. Google
  9. M&Ms
  10. Dove (skin care/cosmetics)



Teens are over Facebook … Just three years ago, teens rated Facebook as their favorite social media platform, but according to Pew Research's new "Teens, Social Media & Technology" survey, the Facebook love has dwindled. Here are the social platforms teens say they use the most in 2018:

  1. YouTube: 85 percent
  2. Instagram: 72 percent
  3. Snapchat: 69 percent
  4. Facebook: 51 percent
  5. Twitter: 32 percent
  6. Reddit: 7 percent
  7. Other: 3% (Fast Company)


Birth songs … A new survey out of the UK revealed the 20 best songs to give birth to – according to moms. Number one? Elton John's "The Circle of Life." According to the survey, 40 percent of moms had music playing in the delivery room with 84 percent saying it was a welcome distraction. Here are the Top 20 Giving Birth Songs:

  1. "The Circle of Life," Elton John
  2. "I Want to Break Free," Queen
  3. "Roar," Katy Perry
  4. "Push It," Salt n Pepa
  5. "I'm Coming Out," Diana Ross
  6. "Happy," Pharrell Williams
  7. "Sweet Child O' Mine," Guns n Roses
  8. "Under Pressure," David Bowie/Queen
  9. "Get Ready for This," 2Unlimited
  10. "You Are the Sunshine of My Life," Stevie Wonder
  11. ""Easy Like Sunday Morning," Lionel Richie
  12. Just Breathe," Pearl Jam
  13. "Let It Go," Idina Menzel
  14. "Brown Eyed Girl," Van Morrison
  15. ""The Drugs Don't Work," The Verve
  16. Let's Go," Calvin Harris
  17. "Let it Go," James Bay
  18. "Try," Pink
  19. "Sunrise," Norah Jones
  20. "Don't Panic," Coldplay

(SWNS Digital)

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