The Randoms-Another Positive Reason to Drink Coffee & More

Do you wear glasses? Congrats. Not only are you stylish -- but you’re also smart. A recent study out of the University of Edinburgh found that people with higher levels of intelligence were almost 30 percent more likely to wear glasses or contact lenses. Researchers have not found a reason why impaired eyesight and intelligence go hand in hand … but it sure is a win for anyone labeled four eyes as a kid! (USA Today


Yet another reason to drink coffee ... it makes you like people more. No, really. A new study from the University of California-Davis found that coffee actually makes you like people more. Most coffee drinkers already know that coffee makes you feel good. The researchers found that it also makes you feel better about yourself, which boosts your mood and makes you feel better about other people too. (Quartz)


Quick -- what is the most annoying type of airline passenger? The seat kicker? The rude recliner? The armrest stealer? The overhead bin hogger? Yep, those are all annoying, but according to a survey by Australian travel site, the most common complaint airline travelers have about their co-passengers is people who smell bad. That's right … BO tops the complaint list. 78 percent of people said being smelly is the absolute worst thing you can do to your fellow passengers. The second most hated people on the plane, according to the survey, are unruly kids (69 percent), followed by seat recliners (65 percent), armrest hoggers (60 percent) and passengers with too many carry-ons (55 percent). (Business Insider)


Invisible in middle age? A new study found that women start to feel “invisible” once they reach the age of 45. By invisible they mean that’s the age where they feel they stop “turning heads” when they walk into a room and don’t get as much “unsolicited attention” from men. Men start feeling that way at age 47. (Daily Mail)


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