The Randoms-When Sparks begin to Fade in a Relationship

The five year itch … A new study has found that the spark begins to fade in a relationship after exactly five years and two months. Yep, the seven-year itch is now down to five – with couples drifting apart and taking each other for granted sooner than they once did. The Top 5  signs the spark is gone: You have little to no sex, you don’t cuddle, you stop saying “I love you,” you don’t do things together and you don’t go on dates. (SWNS Digital


Workout and chill … Hate getting hot and sweaty when you work out? Well, this cold gym concept may be for you. Brrrn is a studio that opened up in New York City earlier this month and the whole idea is that it’s cold in the classes and workout areas. Not just air conditioned cold … wintertime cold. The chilly temps aren't just for your comfort either. Research has shown that the body burns more calories when you exercise in the cold. Not only that, but when you are working out and not getting overheated you can work out harder and longer. That means you burn a whole lot more calories. You just have to be prepared to feel really cold when you first walk in. Brrrn offers three types of classes: "First Degree," a yoga class taught at 60 degrees, "Second Degree," a circuit-training class taught at 55 degrees, and "Third Degree," a circuit-training class with battle ropes that's taught at 45 degrees. The Brrrn Studio is such a hit that classes are already booked -- and it's only been open for a few weeks. (Cosmo)


Hot or not? … A new study out of Norway revealed that lots of women use dating apps like Tinder not to find a date … but to confirm their hotness. Yep, for many women it's all about the ego boost of someone swiping right on their pic. (Daily Mail)

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