The Randoms-Study: Easiest Way to Lose Weight & More

Women's Health magazine offered this poll to its readers: “Would you rather poop in a port-a-potty forever or in a stall next to your boss every day?”



How busy are parents today? According to a new survey, so busy that they only get just over two hours of "me time" per week. That’s just 21 minutes a day. Moms get even less time to themselves. 56 percent of the moms polled said they get less than 15 minutes a day of "me time" per week. (SWNS Digital)


Millennials waiting longer to do the deed … According to a new study, Millennials are waiting longer to lose their virginity than previous generations did -- with one out of eight waiting until age 26 to have sex for the first time. The researchers behind the study believe this reluctance to get physical is partly due to the fear of intimacy and being humiliated on social media. (Business Insider)


Go blue … Here's the easiest way possible to lose weight … get some blue plates. A study found that people who ate in a blue room ate 33 percent less. Why? Apparently it has to do with how the color changes the look of your meal. "Blue lights make food look less appealing, while warmer colors, especially yellow, have the opposite effect," says Val Jones, M.D., president and CEO of Better Health. "Fast-food restaurants have known and used this fact for decades, which is why almost all of them have yellowish interiors -- they want you to eat more." (Best Life)


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