Randoms-Most Popular Food-Frozen? Why Flashy Weddings Are Bad?

Freezer aisle heating up … Millennials are often called out for the things they are destroying. Well, here’s something you can thank Millennial for saving … frozen food. Yep, according to a new survey, 43 percent of Millennials are buying frozen foods more frequently. Why the love for the freezer section? 89 percent of respondents said frozen food made making dinner easier, 72 percent said it was convenient for lunch, 81 percent said frozen food offered a convenient breakfasts for kids and 78 percent of the Millennial respondents said frozen food made a perfect side dish. (PRNewswire)


Millennial angst … According to a new study from the American Psychiatric Association, Millennials are the most anxious generation. It seems young adults are worried about their jobs, their student debt and their living situations. And, all this worry is causing them to score higher on the anxiety scale than older adults. (Newsweek)


Flashy weddings might be bad for your marriage … A new survey has found that couples who have flashy weddings are more likely to get divorced. Couples who spent more than $30,000 on their big day were more likely to worry about impressing their guests when compared to couples who spent under $10,000. And as we all know, more money leads to more problems ... in this case, marriage problems. (WISH-TV)


Forget the royal wedding -- this fast food relationship is the romance heating up social media. A Burger King restaurant in Boston caused a Twitter frenzy last week after asking the neighboring Wendy’s if she wanted to go to Prom with him. The sign on the restaurant read, “@Wendy’s Prom?” That saucy redhead promptly responded online, "OK, but don’t get handsy and we have to be home by 10." Have fun, you crazy kids. (Today)


Sleep through your vacation. It’s no secret that Americans don’t get enough sleep. We also don't take enough vacation. Well, now some hotels are trying to combine the two -- with sleep vacations. Yep, some hotels -- like The Benjamin in New York City -- are offering sleep packages -- where guests pay to get some shut-eye. At The Benjamin this includes triple pane windows, blackout curtains, earplugs, a pillow menu, and on-demand meditation. Westin hotels also offer a Sleep Well package at many of their locations. This includes a "heavenly bed," a spa credit, late checkout and a special "Sleep Well" food menu. (The Ladders)

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