Randoms-Good to Complain at Work? 10 Min of This to Improve Mood

Feeling down in the dumps? Just get your blood pumping.  According to new research, just 10 minutes of exercise is all you need to improve your mood. The study found that, people who work out for as little as 10 minutes a day are happier and have a more positive attitude than those who don't work out at all. Not bad for just 10 minutes … (Elite Daily)


Start whining … According to a new study, complaining about work is actually good for you. Researchers from the University of Melbourne found that whining to co-workers not only helps employees work through their problems, but it also helps co-workers bond with each other. (Vice)


Do you consider your childhood home your real home … even though you now have a home of your own? You're not alone. A new British survey found that 60 percent of respondents consider they're childhood home their "true" home. Not surprisingly, the reason is nostalgia. Most of us have fond memories of the home we grew up in. (SWNS Digital)


Another reason to hate the man bun … If you’re a guy still clinging to the man bun look, listen up: Your preferred hairstyle could cause you to go prematurely bald. Doctors have seen an uptick in a condition in men called traction alopecia. It’s basically hair loss caused by continuously pulling your hair into a tight bun on your head. The condition was traditionally only seen in women, because we pull our hair back a lot, but acute baldness at the front hairline and temples is increasing in young men because of the popular top knot look. Those delicate hair roots are just not meant to take that kind of stress daily. If you're still not ready to lop your locks, just be sure to keep the bun loose. If you're going to wear one, it's sexier that way anyway. (USA Today)


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