The Randoms: What People would Do to Not Pay Taxes

Because it's Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day … How casual is the dress code in your office? Does anyone think the dress code where they work is too casual? Do you work in a place that still demands business attire? How business-y are we talking? Is it suit and tie and dresses? Do you think there's a good reason to be so dressed up?



Tax facts … Your taxes are due tomorrow! What would you do to avoid ever having to pay taxes again? According to a WalletHub survey … 24 percent would get an IRS tattoo if it meant never having to pay taxes again. 37 percent would move to a different country, 22 percent would switch political parties, 15 percent would stop talking for 6 months, 15 percent would take a vow of celibacy and 11 percent would name their child “Taxes” if it meant a tax-free future. 


Millennials in the kitchen … A survey by home improvement web site found that while Millennials are great at taking pictures of their food … they aren't so hot at cooking it. The survey found that just 5 percent of Millennials considered themselves "very good" at cooking. And this may give you a hint why … The survey found that half of Millennials said they wouldn't be able to roast a chicken, nearly 50 percent said they weren’t capable of cooking a ribeye steak to medium, 72 percent said they would have a hard time making mashed potatoes from scratch and nearly 80 percent would struggle with an over easy egg.


Think you could do a better job than your boss? You are definitely not alone. A new survey found that one-third of workers think they could do a better job than their boss and 40 percent of respondents said they don’t think their manager is good at their job. 10 percent of workers described their supervisor as “arrogant” or “two-faced,” and more than one fifth admitted they have “no respect” for their boss. Then there are the almost one in five who confessed that they HATE their supervisor. 62 percent of respondents said they had left a job -- and more than half have considered looking for a new job -- just to get away from their boss. (SWNS Digital)


How many frogs will you have to kiss before you find your prince? According to a new study, the average woman will kiss 22 frogs before finding their prince. And guys will kiss a total of 25 potential partners before finding “the one.” (Mirror)

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