The Randoms: Resorts that don't Allow Phones & More

Get it together … According to a new survey by dating site Zoosk, 86 percent of singles say it's important to dress well on a first date -- and 94 percent of single women say dressing nice for a first date is a must. The biggest fashion faux-pas on a first date is having wrinkled clothing -- which was a deal-breaker for 66 percent of respondents. Other turn-offs were wearing socks with sandals (55 percent), wearing Crocs (53 percent) or having baggy clothes (50 percent.) And 44 percent said dressing too young for your age was a turn-off. (Moneyish)


A vacation from your phone? If you need to break up with your phone for few days, there are now travel companies that will gladly take your money to help you disconnect. For example, travel company called Off The Grid offers group trips and adventures – no phones allowed. And a number of resorts are now advertising themselves as "phone-free" as well. (Market Watch)


Mailing it in … It seems Millennials are having a hard time dealing with snail mail -- and it's affecting their finances. Because they're so used to everything being done digitally, young adults aren't doing a very good job of checking their actual mailbox every day and often throw away stuff they need -- like bills and other important financial documents. They end up paying bills late -- and incurring late fees. They're also not paying close enough attention to other financial details being sent to them by the Post Office. (MEL Magazine)


To lose weight, just stop eating ... There's a growing group of people out there who are practicing something called intermittent fasting -- also known as the Fast Diet and the 5:2 Diet. They eat normally for five days, and then "fast" for two days -- consuming just 500-600 calories. And according to a new study, doing this seems to help people lose weight quickly. Overweight subjects who followed the intermittent fasting plan lost five percent of their bodyweight in 59 days, compared to the 73 days it took those who cut calories every day. (Telegraph)

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