The Randoms: Most Popular Gift for Valentine's Day & More

It may be cliché, but flowers are still very popular Valentine’s Day gifts. UPS estimates it will deliver 88 million flowers today. And according to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend about $2 billion on flowers this year, about 10 percent of what people pay for Valentine's Day gifts. Americans will spend the most on jewelry this Valentine’s Day -- $4.7 billion, followed by a night out -- $3.7 billion. (USA Today)


Why you shouldn’t eat out on Valentine’s Day … Sure, overpriced dinners for Valentine’s Day are as much a part of the day of love as candy and flowers, but according to chefs, you’re better off eating at home and celebrating at the restaurant of your choice on any other night. Here’s why eating out on Valentine’s Day is a bad idea:

  • It’s overpriced: Restaurants take advantage of the day by hiking up prices … and often lowering the quality.        
  • It’s never romantic: Every restaurant is crowded and loud, and your meal will likely be rushed because they need to turn the table over for the next reservation.     
  • It’s out of your control: You might take your date to a restaurant you love but that doesn’t mean the experience will be good. If you make something special at home you can guarantee how romantic and delicious everything will be. (NBC News)


Bad sex is a deal breaker … According to’s 2018 Singles in America survey, daters don’t have much patience for bad sex. Singles were asked: "With a new partner, when does bad sex become a deal breaker?" 52 percent said "after a few times,"18 percent said "once we’re committed," 16 percent said "it's never a deal breaker" and 14 percent said "the first time."


So what makes for good sex? According to the Match survey, these were the five ingredients necessary for a great experience between the sheets:

  • Caring -- 83 percent
  • Enthusiasm -- 83 percent
  • Good communication -- 78 percent
  • Good kisser -- 76 percent
  • The big O -- 75 percent


And what makes it bad? The number one culprit for both men (75%) and women (88%) was too much talking. The second complaint for both men (65%) and women (81%) was no passion.

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