The Randoms: #1 Topic You Shouldn't Discuss at Work & More


What do you think is the number one topic you should NOT discuss at work? It starts with an s … and it's not salary. Yep, sex is a taboo topic at the office, according to 71 percent of respondents in a survey by personal finance site Sex as an off-limits topic was followed by drug use (69 percent), gossip about co-workers (57 percent) and salary/income (42 percent). (Moneyish)


Love over money … When it comes to a career, Millennials would rather make less money on a job they love than more on a job they hate. Specifically, a study found that 64 percent of Millennials said they would rather make $40,000 a year at a job they love than $100,000 a year at a job they think is boring. Millennials would also rather work from home and prefer collaboration to competition. (Alloy


How do you hug? According to research from Germany, the side you hug on says a lot about how you are feeling. Seems a hug on the left side is more emotional and heart-felt than one on the right. Apparently it breaks down to the sides of our brain. The right side of the brain, which controls emotions, also controls the left side of the body. That means feeling a strong emotion will send you to the left side during a hug. (Daily Mail)


Even Minnie had to wait too long to get her due … 40 years ago, Disney’s most famous character, Mickey Mouse, got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Minnie had to wait a lot longer, but she finally received her star on Monday, with very little fanfare. Meanwhile, Donald Duck, the Rugrats, Woody Woodpecker, and even Lassie received their stars decades before her. (Glamour

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