Thursday Randoms-There's a Drinking Game for the Hallmark Channel

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Toasting the season … Hallmark holiday movies are in full swing, 24 hours a day, offering all the kitschy Christmas romance you can stomach … and then some. The story lines follow a similar formula … a workaholic loses the holiday spirit, returns to his or her hometown from the city, reconnects with an old flame, remembers how much she loves the holiday, gets in a snowball fight, saves the town’s Santa parade and decides to stay in the suburbs with her high school sweetheart. Sometimes there’s a prince in disguise. Sometimes there’s a suspicious magical man who may or may not be Santa living in the town. And sometimes the heroine is whisked away from her life by an angel ... only to realize that life as a high-powered executive in the big city isn’t what she dreamed it would be after all!

One thing is for sure – every character has this amazing job that pays a lot of money and requires little to no work ... ever! Obviously, they aren’t meant to be realistic, but, rather, wholesome, feel-good stories. And the truth is, they are hard to resist. So what could possibly make a Hallmark holiday movie binge even better? How about a Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game?!

Brittany Graves of Fort Worth, Texas, created her own version of a Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game and posted to Facebook. It’s awesome! There are a bunch of scenarios that require a drink like:

  • If the main character has a holiday themed name like Noel or Holly
  • If the main character is a city person transplanted into a small town
  • If there is some sort of magical agreement with an angel or Santa
  • If the characters are drinking hot cocoa or egg nog

If the cynic of the story is suddenly filled with the holiday spirit you’ve got to finish your ENTIRE drink.  And you’ve got to take a shot if the movie stars either Candace Cameron Bure or Lacy Chabert. Check out the full game on Facebook  … or better yet – create your own! (Woman's Day)


Have problems with your weight? Now you can blame your parents. According to researchers at Duke University, obesity might be genetic. (The Daily Meal


Long distance puppy love … There’s a new remote gadget out there called the Furbo that lets you toss treats to your dog from anywhere in the world. Furbo has cameras and artificial intelligence that can detect when your dog is chewing or pacing back and forth. With the use of an app, Furbo then lets you communicate with your pet and even toss your pet a treat. The idea, of course, is to maintain a connection with your dog, even if you’re not able to be with him or her every hour throughout the day. (TechCrunch)


Millennials are just saying no to kids … Young adults are having kids at such low rates that – if things continue this way – the population will actually shrink. In order for the population to stay even, moms need to have an average of 2.1 kids. Millennials these days are averaging just 1.8, creating a "baby bust" instead of a "baby boom." (Washington Examiner)


Drinking and smoking age you … We all know that heavy drinking and smoking is bad for our health … but it’s also bad for our looks. A new Danish study found that heavy drinking (more than 28 drinks a week for women) and smoking were related to premature signs of aging. (Time

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