R. KELLY: Complains Not Enough Conjugal Visits

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • When will R.Kelly realize that his #TimesUp?
  • A trial is scheduled for May. Chicago prosecutors want to try him for child pornography and criminal sexual activity with a minor.
  • Because of his chomo (child molester) status, they initially placed R.Kelly in solitary confinement.

The attorneys for R.Kelly filed documents with the judge, complaining on the singer’s behalf, that he’s not getting enough conjugal visits.

R.Kelly is down to only one girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, and she's unable to satisfy his libido, right now. She was arrested last week for brawling with another of his former girlfriends,Azriel Clary. For our pleasure,she streamed the fight for all to see on Instagram Live. 

The judge refused bail for R.Kelly, who was charged with sex trafficking. Prosecutors believe R.Kelly is a flight risk. They fear he would skip bond and jet to Dubai with his girlfriend. (The Blast)