KODAK BLACK: Sentenced to 46 Months after pleading guilty in gun case

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • It's not like he shot somebody. Give the guy a break.
  • Will anyone still be checking for Kodak five years from now? 
  • Considering the circumstances, he got off light.
  • Free Kodak!

Kodak Black received his sentence today (Wednesday) -- 46 months -- after pleading guilty in a federal gun case.

After he serves the nearly four-year bid, he’ll still have three years of supervised release. Though the sentence is significant, it’s less than the 96 months prosecutors were seeking.

A recent fight with a prison guard loomed over the sentencing. He faced a maximum of 10 years for two counts of knowingly making a false and fictitious written statement in connection with the acquisition of a firearm. 

He’s been in custody since he was arrested on the way to Rolling Loudback in May. (TMZ)