MARIAH CAREY: Takes the "Fantasy Challenge"

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • For a diva, she sure has a good sense of humor about herself.
  • If Mimi has this kind of fan base in the Tik Tok generation, she's guaranteed success until she retires.
  • Look at those moves and curves, and remind yourself she's on the cusp of 50.

Thousands of people around the world have taken the "Fantasy Challenge" on Tik Tok, showing off their moves to the beat of Mariah Carey's "Fantasy," but the challengers all have to bow down -- because Mariah herself just joined the competition.

Mimi slipped into a a motorcycle jacket and stiletto boots to dance and lip-sync to the lines, "Oh, when you walk by every night, talkin’ sweet and lookin’ fine, I get kinda hectic inside/ Mmm, baby, I’m so into you, darlin’, if you only knew..."

She captioned her take "just for laughs," but one follower put it best, saying, "She won. Bye!"

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