DRAKE: Not Letting Camp Flog Gnaw Get Him Down

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • You need thick skin to make it in this business. 
  • It's always a gamble when you pop up on stage and you're not the performer people paid to see. 
  • Drake might have messed up by performing a set of lesser-known songs instead of sticking to the hits. 
  • Will the backlash cause Drake to reconsider when and where he performs? 

Drake got booed so loud over the weekend, folks heard about it around the world. But he’s not letting it get to him.

Monday night,Drizzy Instagrammed(quote) "Plot twist...just signed a 10-year residency at Camp Flog Gnaw. Sorry kids, see you EVERY SINGLE YEAR -- till you are 30!"

DJ Akademiks tweeted about Drake’s reaction to the negative crowd response at Camp Flog Gnaw. Ak says Drizzy called it “a moment of humility, which is always welcomed” and said it “was just not my night. [I] wasn’t who they wanted to see.”

Many fans were hoping thatFrank Ocean would appear as the surprise guest. 

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