YK OSIRIS: Popped on Domestic Violence Charges

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • He probably thought this was behind him, considering it happened two months ago. 
  • He's only 21 years old. Hopefully he'll learn from this. 
  • Free YK!
  • I don't care what happened, it's never okay to beat on a woman. 

YK Osiris was arrested for domestic violence this week.

Osiris was in Atlanta on Monday when he was taken into custody over an incident that happened back in September. Apparently his girlfriend confronted him at a party after seeing pictures of another woman in his phone. That turned into a shouting match where he threatened to “slap the [crap] out of [her].” She alleges he chased her upstairs, choked her and bit her face. She managed to bite his lip before the fight was broken up.

He was denied bond and must remain in jail while he awaits a preliminary hearing at Fulton County court. (TMZ)

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