KANYE WEST: Who's Richer Than Yeezy?

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • He's earning money by association. Just being under the same roof as a Kardashian ups your net worth. 
  • It's pretty obvious from looking at this list that the top earning artists do a lot more than just make music. 
  • Now Kanye can get some additions made to his pool so it can finally be bigger than Drake's.
  • The top five or so names on this list never really change, they just trade places from time to time. 

Kanye West just scored a career first this week -- Yeezy’s the highest-paid hip-hop act in the world. 

Forbesput out a new ranking of the rappers pulling in the most dough, and with $150 million earned in the past year, Kanye’s on top. His “Big Brother”Jay-Z follows at number-two with $81 million. And Drake rounds out the Top 3 with $75 million in earnings. 

It took a lot more than just music to make Kanye all that money. A lot of his recent revenue comes from Yeezy’s collaboration with Adidas.

20.Pitbull($18 million)

19.Wiz Khalifa($18.5 million)

18.Nas($19 million)

17.Future($19.5 million)

16.Birdman($20 million)

15.Meek Mill($21 million)

14.Swizz Beatz($23 million)

13.Cardi B($28 million)

12.Nicki Minaj($29 million)

11. J. Cole($31 million)

10.Childish Gambino($35 million)

9.Migos($36 million)

8.Kendrick Lamar($38.5 million)

7.DJ Khaled($40 million)

6.Eminem($50 million)

5.Travis Scott($58 million)

4.Diddy($70 million)

3.Drake($75 million)

2.Jay-Z($81 million)

1.Kanye West($150 million)