JAY-Z: DJ Khaled and Cardi B React

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Time will tell if he can really change the culture of the NFL or if he just wanted to get a bag. 
  • Who knows if he'll even address the controversy again or just try to ignore it and hope people forget.
  • It's easy to be an armchair quarterback but not so easy to effect real change. 
  • Will this impact Jay's career positively or negatively in the long run? 

It’s nearly a week after the news first broke that Jay-Z was getting into business with the NFL and people are still talking about it. 

DJ Khaled is on Team Hov, praising Mr. Carter’s reputation of doing work for the community. 

Meanwhile,Colin Kaepernick himself has addressed the situation in an Instagram caption. He wrote under a picture of Eric Reid,Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson kneeling that they should “stay strong” and noting how they “never moved past the people and continue to put their beliefs into action.” It’s a pretty clear reference to Jay-Z’s comments about how he thinks we’ve “moved past kneeling.”

And then there's Cardi B, who thinks Jay-Z has the power to get Kaep back into the NFL, if he actually tries.