LIL WAYNE: New Album This Summer?

There are some major hints that Lil Wayne could be dropping a new album soon.

The Ticketmaster listing for Weezy’s upcoming tour with Blink-182 has some details about an album giveaway. The page reads, “Your ticket comes with a physical CD per order with your choice of Blink-182’s or Lil Wayne’s forthcoming album. Approximately 24-48 hours after purchase, you will receive an additional E-mail with instruction on how to redeem your album.”

That would suggest there will be new music by the tour’s kickoff on June 27th. 

As for what the project may be, that’s a little less clear. Wayne’s been teasing a project called Funeral since 2016. We also know he was working on a collaborative effort with producer Mannie Fresh earlier this year. 

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Hopefully it's better than Tha Carter 5, which came and went without making an impact. 
  • This will give him some new material to perform on tour. 
  • Is there a chance that Ticketmaster got the details mixed up?
  • A physical CD? Who even has a CD player anymore? 

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