CYPRESS HILL: Hollywood Walk of Fame Induction

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • It's important to give our favorite artists their flowers while they're here to appreciate them.
  • Just because you don't hear their name every day anymore doesn't mean they haven't made a lasting impression on the culture.
  • It's well deserved.

Cypress Hill Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Cypress Hill received a permanent tribute on Thursday in the form of a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. 

Xzibit and George Lopez were among the stars who showed up to honor the California natives. 

B-Real said, "We used to walk these streets as young men looking at all these stars coming up as we were in the hip-hop culture… Seeing this here, it is an honor."

Xzibit praised Cypress Hill, saying, "Their accomplishments and accolades reach deep in the roots and history books of hip-hop, and today is another chapter in that saga… Yo, B-Real,Sen Dog, Muggs,Bobo: You are our Rolling Stones, our Grateful Dead, you are the West Coast Public Enemy."

George Lopez spoke about the importance of the group's heritage. "There's a lot of actors, there's a lot of comedians, there's a lot of entertainers who are on [the Walk of Fame]. But there's only one Cypress Hill, the first Latino hip-hop group. But to everyone who lives the American dream, not the last Latino hip-hop group to ever be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame." (Billboard)

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