Dead Nevada Brothel Owner Dennis Hof Wins Legislative Seat

Denis Hof

Denis Hof, a famed brothel owner in Nevada, won the election for Nevada's State Assembly despite dying in October after a weekend of partying to celebrate his birthday. The 72-year-old remained on the ballot because it was too late to change the ballots that had already been printed and mailed out.

Hof easily defeated his Democratic opponent, Lesia Romanovby more than 7,000 votes in the rural 36th Assembly District. He was heavily favored to win despite his death. 

According to Nevada state law, county officials will nominate a Republican who lives in the district to fill the seat. 

Hof was best known for starring in the HBO reality show Cathouse, which profiled the lives of the women who worked for him at Moonlite BunnyRanch, a legal brothel in Nevada. 

Photo: Getty Images


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