Mel - This Last Week in PHOTOS

Hi there! Hope that you had a GREAT week! I had a lot going on this last week and weekend! The BIGGEST thing is my oldest kiddo, Mozart turned 7!!

I always hear parents say that it goes by so fast - you look up and they are graduating high school ... and until now I REALLY believe it!

Moz's BIGGEST Present was a New Skate Board!

It was a REALLY hard decision to have a Birthday Party but when we asked him what he wanted... he said he wanted to hang out with his friends so I put together a party in 2 days. I invited just his school class because they hang out with each other every day and had the party just in our front yard with games and the kiddos had a blast! It was 2 hours and just a perfect time. I sent out an invite that had options for a kiddo drop off, a video message, a drive-by or bring your kiddo. It was just a few kids and spread out over 2 yards and all had SO MUCH FUN!

Big Present was - A SKATEBOARD!

This weekend I also came up with some new MAGNETS with FUN, POSITIVE Messages!
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I also did one of the BIGGEST Challenges that I have EVER done - a 6 1/2 day JUICE CLEANSE!!! I have never done that before and I did lose a few LBS, my skin feels better, clothes fit better and overall FEEL GREAT! The biggest goal was just making it - honestly! I went thru the whole Pizza Kiddo B-day Party and only drank juice- that was the hardest day.

Maestro in a BOX!!! This was the Skate Board Packaging!

PLUS - Jana and I got back at our "Headphones and Heels" Podcast if you want to check it out!!