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Firefly Music Festival 2021: 7 Things You NEED To Bring

Kyle McMahon Live at Firefly Music Festival 2021

Photo: Firefly Music Festival / Kyle McMahon

Firefly Music Festival 2021: 7 Things Need To Bring to Firefly to make it the best, most comfortable Firefly Festival experience possible!

Just a little over a week away to Firefly Music Festival 2021 and I'm as excited as ever. In that excitement, it's easy to overlook some things you really need to bring to Firefly to make sure you have a seamless, safe festival experience. Here are 7 things you need to bring to Firefly to make it the best most comfortable Firefly Festival experience possible.

CamelBak HydroBak

Metal water bottles are not allowed at Firefly Music Festival 2021. This CamelBak HydroBak water park is approved.Photo: CamelBak

A Non-Metal Water Bottle

Since metal water bottles are prohibited at Firefly for safety reasons, be sure to bring a non-metal water pack to keep yourself hydrated. Get the CamelBak HydroPak on Amazon here.

A reusable poncho is a must for Firefly Music Festival.Photo: Anyoo

Reusable Poncho

Look, you're going to be at a world renowned music festival. It could very well rain at some point. Be prepared with a high quality reusable poncho that gives you space for a day bag. Get the Anyoo Lightweight Waterproof Rain Poncho on Amazon here.

A waterproof cell phone lanyard will keep your phone safe from the elements and where you always know it will be. Photo: Lewis N Clark

Waterproof Cell Phone Lanyard

Don't lose your phone! You'll need it for photos and videos and important information and staying in contact with your Firefly friends throughout the festival. A waterproof cell phone lanyard will keep your phone safe from the elements - and the alcohol - while keeping it where you know you won't lose it. Get the Lewis N. Clark WaterSeals Triple Seal Waterproof Pouch + Dry Bag for Cell Phone on Amazon here.

Shylero Clear Festival Backpack

Photo: Shylero

Clear, Heavy Duty Backpack

Remember, only clear backpacks are allowed into the Firefly Festival, so you'll want a heavy duty, good quality clear backpack for your festival fun. Get the Shylero Heavy Duty Clear Backpack at Amazon here.

LA Fresh individually wrapped Anti Perspirant Wieps

Photo: LA Fresh

Individually Wrapped Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Wipes

Look, don't be that guy (or girl). You're going to be close to tens of thousands of people. Be prepared for that by picking up some individually wrapped deodorant wipes. Get the LA Fresh Travel Lite Anti-Perspirant Wipes on Amazon here.

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

Photo: Supergoop!

High SPF, Broad Spectrum Sun Screen Bottle

You should be using a high SPF, broad spectrum sun screen every single day. If you aren't, start. And you can start at Firefly Festival with this Supergoop! 40 SPF Unseen Sunscreen. It's sweat free, water and sweat resistant and is widely loved. Don't forget to liberally apply every few hours to prevent not just sunburn, but cancer. Get the Supergoop! 40 SPF Unseen Sunscreen on Amazon here.

Photo: ShoCard

Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination or Accepted Negative Test

I've talked extensively about the requirement for a recent negative test from an accepted source or proof of COVID-19 vaccination. This is one you will not be able to get around. It is a federal offense to create a false vaccination card and people are getting arrested for it. Don't even try it because you'll forfeit your Firefly tickets and end up in a lot of legal trouble. I recommend getting your state's official COVID-19 Vaccination app as well as having a paper photo copy and a photo of your vaccination card. Read Firefly's official policy here.

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