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Funko Announces New Michael Myers Funko POPs for Funkoween 2021

Ending an incredible Day 1 of Funkoween 2021 reveals, Funko announced a new series of Michael Myers Halloween Funko POPs including two new jumbo Funko POPs.

Wow, Day 1 of Funkoween 2021 has been incredible! All day there's been something else to get me insanely excited! This time, it was news one of my favorite franchises of all time - the horror classic Halloween. As teased in the Fun TV Funkoween 2021 video earlier, a line of all new Michael Myers Funko POPs is coming as well as the return of an old favorite.

First up is the Halloween: Michael Myers Funko POP which you can get here. It features a brand new sculpt of The Shape. Then there's a sweet variant version, Halloween: Bloody Michael Myers Funko POP Amazon Exclusive that features blood at the end of his knife. You can get that here on Amazon. Then, after years of being sold out, there is a special restock of the long coveted Halloween: Michael Myers (Blood Spatter) FYE Exclusive. This will make so many fans happy after years of attempting to find one from resellers so get that one here before it sells out again.

Then we got even closer to a life size Michael Myers Funko POP with the announcement of two Halloween: Michael Myers Jump Sized POP! The first is Halloween: Michael Myers 10 Inch Funko POP which features a new sculpt, but with the knife facing down. You can get that right here. And finally, a Halloween: Michael Myers Bloody Specialty Series 10 Inch Funko POP is available exclusively at Plastic Empire right here.

That's so much Halloween and Michael Myers goodness that I want to stab a Jack O Lantern in excitement. Get your pre-orders in now for your Halloween: Michael Myers Funko POPs now before these guys disappear into the shadows! And keep checking my Funkoween 2021 Hub for all of the latest reveals all week long!


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