The first Funko Fair Is Coming January 19 with New Products & I Can't Wait!

The first Funko Fair is coming January 19th - 31st 2021 with a ton of new product announcements from & I can't freaking wait!

Alright Pop Culture Week-ers, you know that Funko is one of my very favorite companies in the world, so I was so excited to hear the announcement that they're launching their very own Funko Fair. With New York Toy Fair postponed by at least 3 months, Funko decided to launch their own Funko focused fair and it's going to be absolutely epic.

The two week long virtual Funko Fair will introduce the world to new products that will be launched this year.

Funko CEO Brian Mariotti said, "Funko is always discovering new ways to surprise and delight our fans by bringing the best of pop culture directly to them. Funko Fair is all about virtually showcasing the newest products that our incredible creative team has been working on for the past several months. This is a terrific opportunity to usher in 2021 with a fresh slate of consumer products that celebrate imagination and pop culture."

Funko Fair 2021 will kick off the morning of Tuesday January 19th with a brand new episode of FUN TV. New products from Funko POP vinyls, SODA, Funko Games, Paka Paka and Loungefly will all be announced from companies like Warner Brothers, DC, NBCUniversal and more. In fact, there will be days designated for Disney, Marvel and Star Wars branded products. I'll be glued to my freakin screens for two entire weeks, guys.

Be sure to keep up with the fair moment by moment right here at Pop Culture Weekly's blog, the Pop Culture Weekly show and of course, Funko itself on their social channels @OriginalFunko.

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