Disturbed To Drop Comic Series And "The Guy" Action Figure in 2021

Disturbed will be diving into the world of action figures and comic books in 2021. The Guy has been Disturbed's mascot for 20 years and this is the year he will get his own action figure. Piling on more good news, the band is also releasing a 5-part comic book series, Disturbed: Dark Messiah.

Disturbed: Dark Messiah is about a firefighter, Griffin DeSanto, living in a tech based world where people live a life of suffering. Civilization is kept in check by always being monitored. Griffin has a reason for living and has The Vengeful One (The Guy) always watching over him.

Are you the cool parent who will not only buy The Guy action figure for yourself but also for your cool kid? Only one right answer, friends. The first printing of Disturbed: Dark Messiah will ship July of this year and the action figure ships October.