State Of Oklahoma: $2.1M Bounty On Bigfoot If Alive And Unharmed

I've never kept it a secret that I am a long time believer in Bigfoot even though the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) won't return my emails about becoming a member. I know that the Bigfoot species is thriving. The state of Oklahoma has set a new bounty of finding Bigfoot alive, unharmed and well. $2.1M bounty to the person who captures a Bigfoot!

Why wouldn't you be open to the idea that Bigfoots are out there? If you've ever been camping, hunting or spent time in the woods, you've heard sounds, knocks and rustling that simply can't be explained. THAT is what drives my interest! To get the $2.1 reward, Bigfoot has to be unharmed and alive. How in the hell is that supposed to happen? Bigfoots are known to be big and angry, and they probably won't just comply with your request to bring them in to get the money.

The original payout for finding a Bigfoot was $25,000 but was recently bumped to $2.1M. Certainly this is part of a gimmick to give Oklahoma a tourism bump, but I prefer to believe everyone agrees it is time to find Bigfoot alive and well!