Happy 35th Birthday To Metallica's Master Of Puppets!

On March 3rd,1986 Metallica dropped what could be their best record in the history of the band: Master Of Puppets. This is my opinion, of course, but probably yours too! Metallica recorded this record in Copenhagen, Denmark at Sweet Silence with legendary producer Flemming Rasmussen. This would be the last record Cliff Burton would play bass on. Master Of Puppets was the third of an eight record deal with Electra.

Fun fact: James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich came up with the title of the record before they even started recording it! This was also the first record that didn't have any song input from Dave Mustaine, lead guitarist at the time, who was ultimately kicked out of the band in 1983.

So what is your favorite song on the album? To me, Master Of Puppets is incredible in every way, but find myself torn between Leper Messiah and Welcome Home.