Watch Dhani Harrison's New Music Video for "All About Waiting"


Dhani Harrison has released a new music video to go along with his debut solo album, IN///PARALLEL, available now!

Harrison imagines a bleak future beset by hurricanes, forest fires and the polar ice caps melting in the visuals for "All About Waiting."

Harrison tell Rolling Stone the current state of affairs inspired a number of songs on his new album.

"Everyone's more disconnected than we've ever been before," he said. "...News stories have a life of, what, a day now? The feed is just continuous. People just forget about stuff because the next day there's something equally bad or terrible or fearful or wonderful that you're missing out on."

The animated video begins in a lab where researchers are apparently genetically engineering bees. Something goes wrong and it really takes off from there. 

Photo: Getty Images

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Ken Dashow

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