Hear John Entwistle's Mighty Isolated Bass on "Won't Get Fooled Again"


John Entwistle, the legendary bassist for The Who, was called "Thunderfingers" for good reason.

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, a fan was able to share Entwistle's bass track from a live version of "Won't Get Fooled Again," performed in May of 1978, and show the audio and video footage to us in all its raw thunder. 

Watching the footage, one of the first things you'll get a sense of is how incredibly loud it was onstage. After Entwistle plays the first big chord of the song, he lays out for several measures. Yet, we can still hear keyboards coming through Entwistle's bass' pickups! At one point, Entwistle rolls down his volume knob and the keyboards go away.


When the song gets going, Entwistle grooves along in the verses sliding around the neck, taking over on each chorus playing that great counter-melody to Roger Daltrey's lead vocal.

It's worth noting that this performance includes the original lineup of The Who, as it was filmed just months before drummer Keith Moon's tragic death in September of 1978.

You can watch just Entwistle at the top of this page and the full-band version of the song below that.

Photo: Getty Images

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