Sharon Osbourne Says Ozzy Had 6 Girlfriends When She Caught Him Cheating

Ozzy Osbourne wasn't having just one affair when he was caught cheating last year; he was having six affairs, according to his wife and longtime manager Sharon Osbourne.

"There wasn't just one woman; there were six of them," Sharon told The Telegraph, describing the extend of Ozzy's infidelity. "Some Russian teenager, then a masseuse in England, our masseuse out here and then our cook."

She continued, "He had women in different countries. Basically. if you're a woman giving Ozzy either a back rub or a trolley of food, God help you."

Sharon nearly filed for divorce in 2016 after Ozzy's four-year affair with his hairstylist was uncovered. 

The singer was found out via an email he sent to Sharon by mistake. Sharon tells Telegraph that she and Ozzy were sitting across from one another watching TV one day when she got a strange email from him.

"'Why did you send me this stupid email?' I asked. And when Ozzy told me that he hadn't sent me anything, I grabbed his phone and said, 'Look!' And, of course, it was a message meant for one of his bloody women."

The ensuing fight led to the couple living apart for several weeks as Sharon considered leaving Ozzy for good. 

The two stayed together, however, after Ozzy underwent sex-addiction therapy and apologized to Sharon and all of his former girlfriends. 

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