Downtown Disney Is Selling A Fried Pickle Corn Dog With Peanut Butter

Disney Parks is always serving us amazing new snacks, and the latest item that people can't stop talking about is called a Pickle Corn Dog.

At the Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs cart in Downtown Disney, you'll find a selection of massive corn dogs. One of those corn dogs was recently featured in a blog post from Disney Parks: the Pickle Corn Dog.

The Pickle Corn Dog is multi-layered. At its core is a hot dog, which is stuffed inside of a dill pickle, which is coated in batter and fried to create a crunchy panko crust.

The controversial part of the corn dog that everyone is talking about isn't that it contains a pickle, but rather that the item comes with a side of creamy peanut butter for dipping.

People have been saying it actually tastes pretty good with the peanut butter. Not what you would expect but it's worth trying!

If you're determined to try the Pickle Corn Dog anyway, it'll stay on Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs' menu for a limited time for $13.

Photo credit: Tara Soudbaksh