BTS' J-Hope and Becky G Talk 'Chicken Noodle Soup' Collaboration With JoJo!

BTS rapper J-Hope and Becky G totally broke the internet on Sunday when they dropped their trilingual collaboration "Chicken Noodle Soup!" Their song, which is sung in Korean, English and Spanish, samples the original song of the same name by Webstar and Young B and currently has amassed over 50 million views on YouTube. The boy-bander and "Mayores" singer called into KIIS FM to chat with JoJo Wright about the track, recording the music video in Los Angeles, what it was like working together and more!

Since J-Hope is usually used to creating music with his BTS band-members, JoJo asked how the process of making this song was different for him. The "Boy With Luv" artist responded that although he did find the project a bit lonely, the band was ultimately supportive of his solo endeavor.

It's very different, I was lonely. I put in my ideas for the concept, music video and so on...I had been working on this song for a long time. So I was really excited when I finally got to release it. The members supported me, I did my best. Love you BTS!

Becky G recorded her verses while on tour in Spain and shared that although J-Hope and her speak different languages, it was their mutual love of music that brought them together while working on this collaboration.

"Probably like one of my favorite things about being an artist is being able to collaborate over the creative process whether it's like, music video concepts or melodies or just whatever across the board when it comes to creative. What I loved and admired so much was actually...I think it was the day before we got to shoot the camera blocking for the music video, and J-Hope texted me and he was like 'hey, I'm so excited! Can't wait to like officially meet you we're gonna have so much fun' and then he goes 'I'm kind of nervous' and I was like 'why are you nervous?' and he was like 'because of my English' and I was like 'no, girl! It's all good' I said don't worry we speak the same language and that's music. We're gonna have the time of our lives, it's gonna be awesome. For me it's just like such a beautiful thing to experience that connection with another artist through music, no matter what language it is that we speak it really does unify us and bring us together."

Listen to their full interview above!

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