Sprinkles Is Launching 'Game Of Thrones' Cupcakes For the Finale

The finale of Game of Thrones is this Sunday and so many people are throwing viewing parties. Well, every viewing party needs desserts so why not get these Game of Thrones Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Sprinkles is releasing Game Of Thrones-themed cupcakes and boxes this week, just in time for the final showdown. They’ll only be available from May 17 through May 19, but preorders are available now.

The star of the show is the main Game Of Thrones Cupcake. Made of dragon fruit lemon cake, it’s frosted with ice blueberry buttercream and topped off with “dragon glass”, which is black cherry hard candy, a little circle featuring the show’s initials written in its signature font, and a tiny little black sword.

But, if you order either a dozen boxor one of Sprinkles’ “bake boxes,” in addition to the Game Of Thrones Cupcake, you’ll also get red velvet cupcakes topped with the House Targaryen sigil, vanilla cupcakes finished off with the House Lannister sigil, and dark chocolate cupcakes featuring the House Stark sigil.

The dozen boxes come with three of each for all four cupcake varieties, while the bake boxes include not just a selection of the themed cupcakes, but also four cookies and four brownies. Prices depend on the location, but generally the boxes to run between $47 and $51.