#ThingsThatActuallyWork Thursday! My hair used to be so thin, NOT ANYMORE!

Like many people, I was getting pretty self conscious about my hair thinning. Pregnancy, age, genetics, thyroid issues and STRESSSSSS had definitely taken its toll.

But luckily, I get to try out a few things with my job. I had tried a few... to no avail. They were super expensive, painful, and ultimately didn't work.

That all changed in the last 6 months.

The team that helps with my skin at Affinity Med Spa invited me to try something new. It's called Keravive. It's a relaxing treatment (best when done 3 times) and an at home nightly after treatment routine. Easy right? Fast forward to Monday when I was at my hairstylist's salon. She was like... "What is going on with your hair?!" "Where is all this new hair coming from!?"

If you are curious... feel free to DM me @ItsAllJana .

I also have a discount code if you'd like to try it yourself.

And please check back to my instagram on Thursday for the next #ThingsThatActuallyWork video.

I'm blown away ... and just HAD to share. Like, truly! xo-~Jana