My Anxiety is through the roof this week. Here are some quick tips to help.

I have good days... and bad days. But lately the work load has really got my stress running in overdrive. And I know ... that will trigger my biggest enemy. Anxiety.

And it's not just your typical anxiety. It's a self sabotaging beast that makes me want to make sweeping changes in my life.

It's the kind of anxiety that feels like it's shooting out of my skin. Almost a vibration of negativity that has no where to go.

Luckily for me... I work around music. And music can always distract me from some of the crazier moments.

But I know I meed more coping mechanisms.

From deep breathing, mindfulness, exercise, and diet... it all plays a part. But I mess up, a lot.

I'm totally dropping the ball on my own mental health right now.

If any of this sounds familiar to you... check out this article. ***CLICK HERE*** ***CLICK HERE*** ***CLICK HERE***

The anxiety (stress, self hatred, and worry) will pass eventually, but you can use these tips to help get you (me) through.

We are not alone.




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