Ever been ghosted by a friend? I have and it still bothers me.

Sarah and I were best friends. We got each other through a few years of college, and stayed friends beyond.

But after a couple of years, I was ghosted.

As in... don't answer calls, don't return emails, returned holiday cards... nothing.

I caught her off guard one day when I called from my office phone in Kansas City. When she answered I was so excited! But as soon as she heard it was me, she quickly made an excuse to get off the phone. She said she was at work and couldn't talk. I told her I would call back and leave a voice mail with my new contact info. And I'm sure you see where this is going... I never heard from her again.

There was no fight, no falling out, no political differences, no sickness, ...nothing. JUST GONE.

And I swear it still bothers me 20 years later. Honestly, I think it hurts more than if a guy did it, because we were such close friends.

But apparently it happens. And someone else wrote an article about their experience. Maybe it'll help you through if it ever happens to you...




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