How to keep your kiddo safe from summer heat.

I feel like a water pusher around my child. I'm always asking her to drink more water. She will roll her eyes, take the quickest sip ever, and shove the water bottle back at me. This scenario is replayed 100 times a day. But I keep at it, because hydration is SO IMPORTANT. 

Kids heat up 3 times faster than adults. They get dehydrated and suffer from heat exhaustion faster than we do. And the kicker is...they don't even know it. But we do. 

Things to remember on hot days:

They should stop to take a drink of water every 20 minutes (shade is nice too.)

Wear light weight, light colored clothing. Dry fit anyone?

Try and schedule outside time in the morning or afternoon... not in the direct super sun hours of 11a-2p.

Read more from Florida Hospital Medical group:  ***CLICK HERE*** ***CLICK HERE***



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