Is "Gluten Sensitivity" a real thing?

Celiac disease, Wheat Allergies... VERY REAL THINGS! 

But what happens when test negative for both, but you SWEAR your body can't process gluten?

Then you fall into the "non-celiac gluten sensitivity" group. 

Seeing as how gluten is in almost everything these days... is the "gluten free" diet needed, or is it a fancy way to say "no carbs?"

My thought... if it works for you, and you know it makes a difference, KEEP IT UP!

Check out this study in which "gluten free" people were secretly fed gluten. Only about 50% showed symptoms... the others had no idea.


The study isn't saying that these people don't have digestive issues... but urge you to talk with your doctor for a proper diagnosis. These people may actually be reacting to something else in the grain or ingredients. 



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