For those of us who can't strike on March 8th, I can still support the cause.

Wednesday is International Women's Day. It is also the day many women will not be at work. It's #DayWithoutAWoman .

I am as PRO WOMAN as you can be. I have lasted 20 years in a heavily male industry... and still see the "boys club" at work every day. I LOVE that women are stepping up and showing our strength. The outcome of the election & the current state of our nation SCARES ME. It tells me that my voice doesn't matter... and I am  NOT ok with that. And I am certainly not ok with that for my daughter. 

But sadly, striking on March 8th, #DayWithoutAWoman, is not an option for me. 

I help program two radio stations, I do 5 radio shows A DAY, and have a gabillion items on my to do list each day. I barely stay above water long enough to get home to my amazing daughter. If I didn't work one day... the workload waiting for me the next day would be crushing.  I'm already stressed AF and it would not be good for me to add more. 

This is self preservation, my dears. 

But here is what I can do. 

I can wear RED.

I can support my sisters and friends as they take part in #DayWithoutAWoman

Shop at Local & Female owned businesses (that may or may not be closed due to strike.)

And I'll be on my socials and on air talking about why this is happening. 

For more on this event, and what it means... ***CLICK HERE*** ***CLICK HERE***



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