28 Girl Power Anthems To Add To Your Playlist

International Women’s Day is this weekend (March 8). It’s a day to celebrate your womanhood, and all of the femmes in your life. It’s a day to remind us that women have a voice that deserves to be heard. It reminds us to not only take the time to love and empower ourselves, but to lift up other women for the benefit of us all. We all have a duty to act in both our own, and each other’s best interests. Through the years, artists like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Janelle Monae have championed women’s autonomy, and shown us the myriad definitions of what a strong woman can look like. To celebrate this day, we’ve compiled a playlist of girl power anthems to fuel your inner goddess. Read below to see what to jam to.

1. Taylor Swift - “The Man”

2. Selena Gomez - “Rare”

3. Ariana Grande - "thank u, next"

4. Summer Walker - “Girls Need Love”

5. Demi Lovato - "Sorry Not Sorry"

6. Beyoncé - "Run the World (Girls)"

7. Christina Aguilera - "Fighter"

8. Spice Girls - "Wannabe"

9. Lady Gaga - "Born This Way"

10. Lizzo - "Good As Hell"

11. Destiny’s Child - "Survivor"

12. Chaka Khan - "I’m Every Woman"

13. Shania Twain - "I Feel Like A Woman"

14. Kelly Clarkson - "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)"

15. Kesha - "Woman"

16. Aretha Franklin - "Respect"

17. Alicia Keys - "Girl On Fire"

18. Dua Lipa - "New Rules"

19. Cardi B - "Money"

20. Janelle Monae - "PYNK"

21. Kacey Musgraves - "High Horse"

22. Ariana Grande - "God is a Woman"

23. David Guetta & Sia - "Titanium"

24. Adele - "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)"

25. P!nk - "F**kin’ Perfect"

26. Katy Perry - "Roar"

27. Hailee Steinfeld - "Love Myself"

28. Halsey - "Hurricane"