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The Women Of 'Friends' Had The Best Reunion Moment At The 2020 Emmys

The 2020 Emmys was a friendly affair for the women of Friends!

Friends fans who tuned in on Sunday night (September 20) to watch the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards received the surprise of their lives when Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow came together for a heartwarming reunion.

After Aniston raced home following her hilarious fiery mishap earlier during the show, Jimmy Kimmel caught up with the actress to see if she'd made it home in time before her category (Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for The Morning Show) had been announced.

Shortly after, Aniston, whose already changed out of her Emmys-ready outfit for a cozy pink floral nightgown, greets Kimmel on the big screen.

"Whoa, you almost showed us something," Kimmel jokes to Aniston, who adjusts her robe before settling into her seat. That's when, much to Kimmel's amazement, Cox suddenly appears by Aniston's side.

"Courteney's there?" Kimmel asks, "Of course I'm here. We live together," Cox responds with an unsuspecting smile, as Aniston chimes in, "Uh, yeah. We've been roommates since 1994, Jimmy."

All of a sudden, Kudrow also comes into the frame to join her gal pals. "Lisa Kudrow! You live there too?" Kimmel asks, to which she quips back, "Yeah, where else would I live?"

The reunion gets a little bit more awkward from there as Aniston's other "roommate," Jason Bateman, suddenly interrupts the funny gathering, which the Cake actress explains is a temporary thing until he "goes off to college."

Before you know it, though, the girl gang makes a break for the kitchen for a hot and ready dinner.

Watch the hilarious reunion above.

Photo: YouTube

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