7 Incredibly Comforting Podcasts For Your Mental Health

Feeling down? Need a break from the worries of the world? Or how's about someone to talk you through your problems?

These days, the conversation of mental health care has become a hugely important — and for good reason. If you're experiencing weird shifts in mood or trying to deal with things like stress and depression, sometimes it's nice to hear how someone else managed through it all. Stars like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, and more celebrities have shared their accounts and issues with mental health, and there's nothing wrong with acknowledging these struggles, either.

With that, here are several mental health podcasts you can lean on and listen to when the going gets tough.

1. Fresh Hope for Mental Health

Hosted by Pastor Brad Hoefs, Fresh Hope for Mental Health is a faith-based podcast that caters to those who have a mental health diagnosis with hopes of empowering listeners to make the most of their lives through spiritual healing.


2. Let’s Talk Mental Health

Need a reality check? Let’s Talk Mental Health serves up open and honest advise with candor and calm — only to provide a better understanding of mental health from both a professional and personal perspective.


3. The Struggle Bus

No topic is off limits on The Struggle Bus. Hosts Kate and Sally are all ears — be it for advice or questions on love and work to family and friendships. We’re all riding the Struggle Bus, and this dynamic duo will be there with you every step of the way.


4. Turning the Page

On Turning the Page, host Barry Pearman guides encourages listeners to take the first step toward empowering their mental health. This show covers a range of important topics, from recovering from trauma to affirming one’s self to bouncing back from disappointment and failure.


5. The Chat Club’s Podcast

Breaking the silence means breaking the stigma on The Chat Club’s Podcast. This show is all about exploring healthier ways of coping with personal issues — from anxiety to PTSD — by finding your voice in the name of mental health.


6. Truly Mental

Two police officers offer their unique viewpoint on mental health, barriers to help-seeking behaviors, and suicide prevention. With a touch of wellness encouragement, Truly Mental also engages listeners in conversations on relationships, politics and pop culture.


7. Your Motivational High 5

In a slump and feeling stuck? Phil Larson’s Your Motivational High 5 podcast may be the 5-minute pick-me-up you never knew you needed. (Until now.) Through motivational speaking, Larson’s show is all about self-examination, developing good mental health, and empowering yourself to realize your true potential to do amazing things.


Photo: The Struggle Bus


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