$17,000 Rock From Yoko Ono Art Piece Reported Stolen

Police in Toronto are looking for a stone worth thousands of dollars that was part of an art exhibit by Yoko Ono.

The stone, on which Ono inscribed the mantra "Love Yourself," is valued at $17,500 CAD or around $14,000 USD. 

It was part of an Ono art piece called Yoko Ono: The Riverbed.

Police say visitors had been encouraged to touch the art, although they weren't supposed to take any of it with them.

A woman is suspected in the theft. 

"It' a totally interactive [exhibit]," Officer Gary Long told the Toronto Star. "[There's] a bunch of rocks on the ground and people can walk up to them and pick them up."

Long says the suspect in the case picked up one particular stone and walked off with it. 

She is described as a 55 - 60-year-old woman, about 5-foot-4-inches tall. She was wearing a black coat with black pants and a black striped scarf. 

You can see a surveillance photo of her below.

Ono has a decades-long career as a conceptual and abstract artist. The Gardiner Museum describes The Riverbed exhibit as Ono involving "collaboration, audience participation, and social activism in her artwork."

The rocks in Stone Piece were taken from an actual riverbed. On some of the stones, Ono wrote words or phrases, like "Dream," "Forgive," "Wish," "Remember" or, in the case of the missing stone, "Love Yourself." 

Thumbnail Photo: Getty Images



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